Estate Planning – Part 1

  • If you’d like more of your assets to go to family and less to taxes,
  • If you want to assure the right people get the right parts of your property,
  • If you would prefer Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary inherit your estate rather than Uncle Sam,

There are a few things you should do now.

But if you don’t plan for it, don’t worry…..
Uncle Sam will be happy to help!

Estate planning is the process of planning for the disposal of property during life, at death, and after death in a manner that best carries out a person’s desires, while minimizing income, gift and death taxes. The following list contains common matters you need to arrange for, part of a comprehensive estate planning package.


  1. Prepare a Will
  2. Write a Limited Power of Attorney (with Durable provision)
  3. Draw up a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  4. Consider a Living Will
  5. Estate Financial and Tax Planning

See Part Two for Details on the 5 Steps.

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